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Community dance and film project for Brockley residents, individuals and families!

A message from the Circle of Solidarity Team:

What is the project? 

This is a community dance project, where Emily Robinson is inviting fellow Brockley residents, individuals and families to join her for FREE online dance classes. The creative dance workshops will be exploring the theme of circles to celebrate the coming together in the local community. 


What is the film aspect of the project? 

After taking part in our free online workshops, we will invite you to share an image or a film capturing your favourite move or part of the workshop. This could be a particular move, dance shape, balance with family members/ friends or anything other creative ideas you have! The Circle of Solidarity team will then edit all the films together and we will celebrate and share this back into the Brockley community in August. 


Who can take part? 

The online creative dance classes will be tailored to a families, adults and seated versions and will be inclusive to ensure people of all ages, abilities and experience can take part! We will support anyone who needs additional help in order to take part including additional workshops or support in filming. Please get in touch with Emily via the Facebook group if you require additional support. 


What else is involved? 

We will be engaging in an exchange with local businesses to advertise their company/ business when they support the advertisement of the project. We will be running a prize draw for those who take part in our dance and film project, offering food/ drinks vouchers for local Brockley restaurants.

For more information please click the 'FIND OUT MORE' tab below or email

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