Meet Me At The Albany

A new chapter...

A message from the The Albany Team:

Meet Me at the Albany, our regular programme run in partnership with Entelechy Arts is an opportunity for adults over 60 to meet and take part in creative and social activities.

In normal circumstances, sessions happen 50 weeks of the year at the Albany and various locations around Lewisham. Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, we have had to rapidly rethink how we deliver this.

The programme was originally borne out of a need to address social isolation amongst older members of our community. So, with many participants already at risk of something all of us are feeling, continuing to support them consistently and in a meaningful way became an immediate priority (especially as many members do not have access to the internet or digital devices). We’re also well aware that we may not be able to safely meet in person for many months, so whatever we came up with had to be sustainable in the long term.

Luckily, we work with some brilliant artists and facilitators who have helped us to develop creative responses to an unprecedented challenge (it really is true that necessity is the mother of invention!).

One thing we immediately implemented was regular phone calls to the 180 participants we work with regularly. Our Meet Me members receive twice weekly phone calls from our core team with support from volunteers and people already involved with the programme and Lewisham Homes.

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