The annual flower, dog and art show that was due to take place in Beckenham Place Park on 19 July is now online!

A message from the Beckenham Place Park Flower, Dog & Art Shows Team:


We didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the park, growing things, local artists and the local community of dogs who enjoy the park. Watching things grow and making art are fun activities and area also great things to do to sooth and calm ourselves during turbulent times.


We hope lots of Lewisham residents (and people from beyond the borough!) will get involved with the online offer and we look forward to welcoming you to the park for the flower show in Summer 2021.

The key dates are:

Dog Show - week commencing Monday 6 July 

As per the below flower show, we will post a category every other day. You simply post your photos relating to each category under the Beckenham Place Park Facebook post on the correct day so that others can enjoy your creations!

6 July - Most obedient (video clip, maximum 1 minute duration)

8 July - Happiest/smiliest dog (photo)

10 July – Dog-owner look alike (photo of dog and owner)

Flower Show - week commencing Monday 13 July

The categories are easy enough so that you don’t need a garden to take part. Starting 13 July, we will post a category every other day on Beckenham Place Park’s Facebook page. You simply post your photos relating to each category under the post on the correct day so that others can enjoy your creations.

13 July – Fruit & Veg:

Any fruit or vegetables you have grown yourself or have seen growing and admired in someone else’s garden, a park or an allotment. Show us the most spectacular produce – tasty-looking, shiny, big, colourful! Something that stands out!

15 July – Creative food on a plate:

Creative food designs on your plate. It must be something that you are going to eat! Can you make an animal out of fruit and veg? or arrange your fruit salad into a face on the plate?

17 July – Flowers in recycled materials:

A flower or vase of flowers made out of recycled materials. Think newspaper flowers, toilet roll or drinks can vases, yoghurt lid leaves. Scour the recycling for ideas!

Please tell us who made the creation too, and their age if it’s a child. We won’t be giving out prizes but will be looking at all your entries and celebrating your creativity.

Art Show - Sunday 19 July

The theme this year is wider than the usual floral, to include wildlife, park life and garden life and is being handled by two of our wonderful volunteers. 


19th July – artwork submitted is showcased on @BPPArtExhibition on Facebook and Instagram and @showBPP on Twitter. We will also be sharing some of the artwork on the BPP social media channels.


The work will be on sale and is a wonderful opportunity to support artists at a difficult time in the arts world.

© 2020 Lewisham Council.

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