Live-streaming 30 minute singing breaks on every day from Monday to Saturday at 11am...

A message from the Crib Notes Team:

Crib Notes is a friendly, non-auditioned choir for parents or carers of young children, based in South London. We provide a setting where babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are welcome, and you get to do something for yourself (no nursery rhymes taught here!) The choir is a reincarnation of the highly successful Pram Chorus, led for many years by musical director Ruth Routledge, and now run by local musicians Jake Alexander and Eleanor Rastall, and local mum Amandine Olivier. 


During the coronavirus lockdown, we will be broadcasting live Singing Breaks on our Facebook page every day from Monday to Saturday at 11am.


Resources for these online sessions, such as scores, lyrics and rehearsal tracks, are available by clicking the tab below. We will also be posting Youtube links to the daily videos on this page for those who aren’t on Facebook. Happy singing, everyone!

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