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The Migration Museum explores how the movement of people to and from Britain across the ages has made us who we are – as individuals and as a nation.  See below for lots of online resources for you to explore from the safety and comfort of your own home during this lockdown period.


During lockdown, the Migration Museum launched its #Resilience campaign, inviting people to share with us the things that keep them going, and give them strength in challenging times. We have been sharing a selection of these stories on Instagram over the past month, including a number of stories contributed by local Lewisham residents. 

100 Images of Migration

A collection of images by professional and amateur photographers that together tell a compelling story about what migration means to people across the UK.

Keepsakes is a display of personal items that keep memories of migration and identity alive. These items and objects are either those that one generation has handed down to the next, or those that individuals keep as a reminder of a home, a country or a culture they have left behind or as some part of a past experience that they want to hold close to them. 


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