Transparent Things - Introducing an online art exhibition virtual walk-through by Goldsmiths University.

Transparent Things uses Chapter 1 of Vladimir Nabokov’s novel as a script. In this brief text objects exert uncanny agency, pulling us back anecdotally and materially into their past, and catalysing radical perceptual shifts, lending itself to an exploration of contemporary sculpture. Artists have been invited to contribute works as co-readers of the text, with new works by Nairy Baghramian, Michael Dean, Marie Lund, Virginia Overton, and Renee So.

Through the prism of Nabokov, the exhibition cues contemporary philosophical interest in object agency, and the power of fiction. Included are art objects that operate through various imaginaries, relating material, social and personal histories where the past erupts into the present. Works acknowledge time, either unfolding over the span of the exhibition, or indexing its passing. Further, in response to Nabokov’s ‘transparent things’ as having the power to seduce and hold our attention, some objects appear anthropomorphised, demanding to be read as bodies in relation to our own.

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