YeahPod presents an exclusive online art exhibition from Soft Wax inspired by the Windrush generation and their contribution to British life, arts and culture.

A message from the Yeah Pod Team:

The initial inspiration for these pieces was provided by the achievements, contributions and dignified struggles of the community that is identified with the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948*. However other closely related issues have also been omnipresent throughout their creation and have powerfully affected my motivation and the content of the work. These scandals have provoked the lingering question, “how far have we come since 1948?”

They also provoke re-examination of our lingering question that has again been brought into sharp focus by the Covid Crisis. In a sense it brings us full circle as many of the original Windrush generation arrived to staff the very Health, Community Care and Public Transport systems that have been so crucial in the current crisis. 

To see this virtual exhibition please click below.

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