Fun Palaces support communities across the Uk to co-create their own locally-led community cultural events. 

Local people sharing skills and creating tiny revolutions!

A message from the Fun Palaces Team:

Fun Palaces are about sharing skills and making local connections.

While Fun Palaces usually have anything from 20 to 2000 participants, in response to Covid-19, we are encouraging extra-small, hyper-local Fun Palaces this October.

A shared creation made by three neighbours along a wall, a seed swap in your street, a drumming lesson from a balcony window, six people socially-distanced in a park teaching each other a 45-minute dance or yoga or fitness sequence, a neighbourhood co-writing a story in chalk on the pavement.

Or you could hold a Digital Fun Palace. You could broadcast your knitting tutorial on Facebook live, write a shared poem on Twitter, share art on Instagram, or hold a dance-off via video conference.


Whether offline or online, the key is to share skills, knowledge, something beautiful, something safe; that it is public (passers-by taking part is great) and makes a connection (encouraging others to do as well as enjoy what you’ve done).

We especially want to support those who are shielding to lead and to co-create their own Tiny Fun Palace. 

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