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Rules Of Entry


  • Make sure that you or anyone in your video is dressed appropriately, selected videos will be published online (18+ years categories only)

  • If other people are in your video, we will need their and/or their parent’s consent, so try not to include others if possible

  • No offensive language should be used in your video – if it is, you will be disqualified

  • Anyone submitting content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, incites violence or discriminates against any group or individual will be disqualified and the video may be sent to an appropriate authority for review

  • Your video should be a maximum of 3 minutes 30 seconds in length

  • Any submissions of a criminal nature will be referred to the responsible authority

  • Bullying will not be tolerated


11-17 years old entries

  • You must have permission from your parent/carer to enter

  • Get help from your parent/carer in the making of your video and ask them to review before you send it in

  • In order to keep you safe we don’t want you to share your video online or use the RE:SOUNDLEWISHAM hashtags, if you do, you may be disqualified 

  • Your video will not be made public and will be held on a secure server to be reviewed by a panel of experts 

Code Of Conduct

  • I agree to treat all entrants with respect

  • I agree not to post my entry to social media or use any of the RE:SOUNDLEWISHAM hashtags

  • I agree not to include any content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, incites violence or discriminates against any group or individual

  • I understand that if I submit any material of a criminal nature that such material may be passed onto the police

  • I agree not to use violence, sexual references, bad language or inappropriate behaviour in my video. I understand that I must have my parent/carer’s permission to enter

Staying Safe Online


We want our young people to have a positive experience online, please read through the following guidance below before submitting your video:

Remember, posting is permanent

Many people think that deleting something online means removing it from the internet forever. Sadly, that’s not true. After posting something online, anyone can save, download and re-use it! Think twice before posting something you may regret later. Please see below for guidance around online safety.


Never reveal personal information

Anyone that knows you well, will never need to ask for personal information like your address or school online. Never give out this information and be wary of who is asking for it – always tell a parent or teacher.


Be respectful to others

It’s easy to type something when you’re hiding behind a screen. But remember, there’s also a real person at the other side of the screen, so be respectful and polite to others online. Despite all the interaction, social media can feel like a very lonely place to be.


Remember, our lives on social media aren't the full story

Recent studies have shown the effect social media can have on how young people feel about themselves and their lives. In a world of impeccable Instagram feeds and seemingly beautiful YouTubers, it’s really important to remember that the lifestyles portrayed on social media are only part of the story. Despite how it looks from the outside, nobody’s life is perfect and follower counts don’t define your meaningful offline relationships.


Know how to block or report content

Block and report anything that worries you. Knowing how to block and report inappropriate content or instances of cyber-bullying helps shape the community. Talk to an adult if you are worried.


Recognise when it's time to log off

Using the internet safely is not just about what you get up to online, it’s about how much time you’re spending doing it. The internet is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and being creative, but being online for excessive amounts of time can have a negative impact on other areas of life, such as school and sleep. It’s really important to know when it’s time to unplug and spend some time away from screens, especially our smart phones.


If you need any further advice on staying safe online please click on the below tab...





What If I Don’t Win?


Didn’t win? Don’t be hard on yourself, life can sometimes be challenging but don’t give up. The road to success is not always smooth so try to learn from your experience, the most important part is you challenged yourself and you entered. Well done!


Lots of very successful people had to keep trying before their talent was recognised. For example, J.K. Rowling had 12 publishers reject her Harry Potter books before she was finally accepted and look how popular and well known Harry Potter is today. Ed Sheeran was given six F grades at music school and look where he is right now!


So please, don’t be upset, we’ve got a lot of entries coming in, but we promise, we will be watching every single one in full and celebrating how amazing you are.


There are also lots of other competitions and activities you can take part in on the ‘We Are Lewisham’ main site. So, if you don’t win this time, just remember, there’s always next time!


If you are finding it hard to cope or need to talk to someone, please see the links below

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