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A message from the Lewisham Youth Theatre Team:


Your Voice Matters

Join Lewisham Youth Theatre's Members Committee and help us amplify your voice and the difference you want to see in your community.


In the wake of George Floyd's murder in the US and the Black Lives Matter movement around the globe, LYT's Members' Committee made this video to reflect on what Black Lives Matter means to their lives at LYT, in the arts and in the wider community.


Watch their video and add your voice! Tell us what you'd like to see changed in the arts and in Lewisham by completing the sentences below:

  • "Lewisham should be a place where..." and/or

  • "The arts should be a place where...

Tweet or instagram us your answers with the hashtag #myvoicematters, or email us on

Lift the Curtain on a Creative Career


Want some inspiration for pursuing a career in the arts? Watch LYT's Young Producers as they interview leading artists across the creative industries in their Opening Doors panel.

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