Funding opportunity: explore Lewisham's post-war history

Goldsmiths are the borough’s lead partner for ‘In Living Memory’, a strand of activity celebrating Lewisham’s heritage and diversity.

In Living Memory celebrates Lewisham’s diversity and heritage for London Borough of Culture 2022. Its aim is to empower Lewisham’s communities to tell their own stories, presenting them through traditional means as well as artistic and cultural activities and events.

Co-developed with Goldsmiths, In Living Memory will create opportunities for local people and organisations to collaborate with Goldsmiths researchers and creative practitioners to tell a striking new story of Lewisham’s recent past. Oral histories will capture the memories of Lewisham’s people in their own words, which will be brought to life by bold new artistic and cultural activities that will transform the borough’s public spaces throughout 2022.

The results of each funded project will populate a new model museum of Lewisham’s post war history, a digital Memory Palace that stitches together the borough’s most historically significant (but not necessarily best known) indoor spaces, filling them with the memories of its people from 1945 onwards.

Expressions of interest Expressions of interest are invited for grants of up to £7,500 for community organisations and Lewisham residents to explore specific aspects of Lewisham’s post-war history in collaboration with researchers and creative practitioners at Goldsmiths.

Each project will not only reveal new historical insights into Lewisham’s past based on the memories of its people, but will deliver artistic and cultural activities and events responding to the stories uncovered.

The chosen projects will be developed in collaboration with Goldsmiths researchers and creative practitioners, and supported by student volunteers. Whether you’re a local history buff who needs help coming up with a creative interpretation of your idea, or a creative in need of historical research and technical support, we will find the right match for you.

Expressions of interest should be submitted by midnight on Friday, 18 June 2021, with funding regarding which projects will be developed announced in early July.

Click here to submit an expression of interest

Eligibility For your Expression of Interest to be considered, it must:

  • Be led by Lewisham residents and / or organisations based in the borough

  • Relate to people, events, places or broader themes from Lewisham’s post-war past

  • Seek to gather new insights into Lewisham’s past through engagements with its people and their memories

  • Include ideas for new artistic and cultural activities to share the stories you uncover

Other considerations:

  • You may submit as many expressions of interest as you like, although only one will be funded per person / organisation

  • Projects can relate to Lewisham history before 1945, as long as they meaningfully connect to the memory of someone living who can share what they remember

  • Projects can include elements taking place outside of Lewisham, as long as the project is centred on an aspect of Lewisham’s history and its primary public-facing activities take place in the borough

What you will get:

  • Up to £7.5k funding

  • Training and support to gather the stories and memories of Lewisham’s communities

  • Professional and practical support to help you realise your creative vision

Funding Around £45k is available in total and projects can bid for up to £7.5k. So a minimum of six projects.

We welcome projects that have or plan to attract additional external funding, but all expressions of interest will be considered on their own merit. How projects will be selected for funding

Expressions of interest will be considered by an expert panel made up of staff at Goldsmiths and Lewisham Council.

The criteria they will use to assess the expressions of interest include:

  • Diversity – Does the project create opportunities to centre diverse voices?

  • Originality – Will the project uncover new histories and share them in inspiring ways?

  • Feasibility – Can the project be delivered within budget and on time?

  • Specificity – Does the project relate AND respond to a specific person, place or event in Lewisham’s post-war past? Is there a clear sense of who it’s for?

  • Collaborative – Will the project create opportunities for meaningful exchanges between organisers, participants, audiences and the wider public?

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