Shahlaa Tahira - Back The Bid!

We sat down with presenter, producer, DJ and media teacher, Shahlaa Tahira, to discover how the borough shaped and nurtured her creativity.

Picture of Shahlaa Tahira holding a mic and smiling

What do you think is unique about Lewisham? ‘Lewisham is a map of my creative journey. I grew up going to St Andrews youth club in Brockley, in my teens I went to the Albany and the Midi Music Company in Deptford, my first theatre performance was at the Broadway Theatre in Catford. There are so many landmarks and spaces within the borough that are accessible to young people which is so important. As a creative your brain is just buzzing all the time and you need an outlet to release that creativity and Lewisham definitely provided that for me in so many ways.’

‘The talent in Lewisham is outstanding’

Why should people back our bid to be London Borough of Culture? ​‘There’s no other borough like Lewisham. It’s such an amazing place to be, there’s always something happening. There’s such good vibes and such good energy there and I think that winning would make everything there ten-fold.’ ‘I personally know so many young musicians, rappers, actors and dancers coming out of the borough who are doing amazing things already and we want to grow and develop in the borough and take over London!’ ​‘We want to produce some of the best creatives to then impact London on a wider scale. We are doing it, but we can do so much more if we get this bid.’

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