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Simon Smith is a master-stone carver based in New Cross who designs, models and carves marble and stone for a variety of commissions. One such commission was unveiled in June this year and has found its home on the side of Lewisham Police Station.

Picture of Simon Smith in front of a white statue

The memorial to Asquith Gibbes MBE was unveiled on the 27 June. Asquith Gibbes founded the Lewisham Equality Council in 1981 and created a lasting legacy in fighting against inequality in the borough and giving a voice to those who did not have one.

After the unveiling of the memorial, Simon remarked just how ‘amazing and significant’ it is to share Gibbes’ message of race equality outside a building such as a police station. He also emphasized just how important it was to Gibbes’ widow, Norma, that his racial identity should not be left unidentified in history books.

Simon, who lives and works in the Borough of Lewisham says:

“life in Lewisham is so vibrant, there is so much art going on around as well as lots of festivals.”

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