Why Lewisham?

Picture o a group of people in front a church throwing flowers in the air

Culture is who we are. We celebrate diversity and embrace innovation like no other London borough.

Our culture is not only in our theatres, art galleries, museums, parks and music venues, but around every street corner.

It’s in our Broadways, lanes, markets, villages, cottages and housing estates, and it’s in the 300,000 people that call Lewisham home.

We know that culture has the power to create change and help address some of the issues that we face as a borough.

‘We want culture to bring people from different communities together’

Picture of Children on stage performing African dance

We have a rich history of culture that has been shaped by the people who have chosen to live, work, learn and create here and we are strengthened by our diversity.

There is a constant evolution of cultural creativity seen across art forms in Lewisham and we believe the potential for culture in Lewisham is limitless. Now is the time to take things to the next level.

Becoming London Borough of Culture 2021 will give us the opportunity to shine a light on Lewisham and ensure that our cultural richness is opened up to every person in the borough and beyond.

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