Mica Paris

Soul singer Mica Paris spoke to our friends at Lewisham Life magazine about starring as the good fairy at The Broadway Theatre’s winter pantomime, Beauty and the Beast.

What connection do you have to Lewisham?

‘We moved to Lewisham when I was eight, so that’s where I grew up and went to school. I moved to Hackney when I was 16, but the best part of my youth was spent in Lewisham.’


‘We used to go to the shopping mall in Lewisham centre. It was kind of like what Westfield is today. That was where you went.’

Is this your first pantomime?

‘Yes, this is my very first time so it’s going to be an experience!’

‘People have always told me I should do a panto, and I’ve gone ‘really?’ But this one’s in my old local hood so I thought I’d try’

‘I thought it could be cute. All my old mates could come and see it and have a laugh.’

What can we can expect from the good fairy?

‘She comes in and makes everything all right. These kinds of characters are great because they give you a sense of hope, and we all need to know that there’s hope.’

Do you think that the character suits you well?

‘To be a good fairy you have to have a bit of wisdom, no? You have to have been here for a bit. I’ve been around long enough now!’

What sort of music can we expect in the panto?

‘Think Disney but then cross it with gospel.’

Do you have any advice for young people in Lewisham?

‘Find something you love doing and go for it. The money will follow. But you should also remember that we have many gifts inside of us: you have to discover yourself and try new things without being afraid.’

We are currently competing to be named the London Borough of Culture in 2021. What do you think winning would do for Lewisham?

‘It would be amazing to win and invest some of the money in the youth. Kids are all about creativity, and it’s that sort of investment that made me a star.’

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