Pino Frumiento

Pino Frumiento is a founding member of Heart n Soul, a creative arts organisation and charity for people with learning disabilities based at the Albany in Deptford.

What do you like about making music?


‘Music is my number one. I like to challenge myself and make things that have never been done before. Making music makes you feel good because you don’t feel like you’ve got a disability. It makes you feel like you’re an artist.’


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You’re one of the founder members of Heart n Soul. What do you love about being a part of it?


‘Being part of Heart n Soul and Allsorts has given me what I want in life really, music… and a new life that people with disabilities can have. I didn’t expect a person like me could create a part of music…or be in the arts. When I go to Allsorts, everyone is very proud of what they’re doing. Allsorts is about people getting together, young and old, and taking part in creativity.’

‘I didn’t think a person like me could create music or be in the arts’

Why do you think it’s important that people with and without learning disabilities should come together?

‘The reason I think it’s important they get together is to make them understand we are people. We’re not animals, we are human. We never asked for this, it just happened. We are creatives and we are artists. People should come to see something new. Something that’s never been done. We are showing people what we can do.’

‘People with disabilities don’t feel disabled when they’re doing art’

Why do you think Lewisham should be London Borough of Culture?

‘It’s a good opportunity to make the borough special. [Lewisham] has brought out something different in people with disabilities that we never expected them to bring out. People with disabilities don’t feel disabled when they’re doing art. They feel like themselves. They’re not thinking about their illness, they just like to work. I would be proud if we won Borough of Culture as it’d be a very important thing and everybody here would be proud of it as well.’

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