Brown Jewels Live Art Stream!

A message from the Brown Jewels team:

Catch Baserbillion, Jelly J Artist, Joseph Ijoyemi, Vane Mg and Namer, 5 of London’s top BAME artists deliver a series of streams on Facebook Live (link to group below) giving us a behind the scenes view on how they go about creating their artwork, the methods, technique and perspective they use to create.


The sessions will include Bic pen portraiture, painting, sculpture with clay and a live street mural taking place at a high-profile venue, soon to be revealed!


Check out the rota below, join the Facebook group and follow each artist!

Stream Schedule:


1) BIC Pen Portraiture: 12pm Sunday 13th Sept 20 - Baserbillion Art


2) Painting: 12pm Sunday 27th Sept 20 - Jelly J Artist


3) Painting: 12pm Sunday 11th Oct 20 - Joseph Ijoyemi


4) Painting: 12pm Sunday 25th October 20 - Vane Mg


5) Street Art Mural: 12pm Sunday 8th November 20 - Namer


6) Street Art Mural: 12pm Sunday 22nd November 20 - Baserbillion 


7) Bonus Session – Clay Sculpture: 12pm Sunday 6th Dec 20 - Baserbillion



All the streams will be carried out on the Ministry of Art Facebook group. If you haven’t already, please join the group via the 'FIND OUT MORE' tab below!

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