Sam Wilkinson

Last year, singer-songwriter and Forest Hill School pupil, Sam Wilkinson, was voted the 2019 winner of The Voice Kids UK after performing his own song called ‘Everything’s Alright’.

Congratulations on winning The Voice Kids last year! How did it feel to be named the overall winner?

‘I met some amazing people and made some great friends. I didn’t expect to win. When the presenter Emma [Willis] said my name, I couldn’t believe it!’


(The Voice Kids UK, YouTube)

What has the reaction been like in Lewisham to you winning?


‘The reaction was all positive. On my first day back at Forest Hill School, I got a round of applause at the start of geography!’

‘People in the street have been very friendly and I’ve had more opportunities to perform around Lewisham.

What makes you proud about being from the borough of Lewisham?

‘I like the diversity of talent in Lewisham. I’ve met dancers, rappers, bands, poets, artists, footballers, scriptwriters and actors.’

What are your favourite cultural places to visit in Lewisham?

‘I began singing at local street parties where lots of people come out and sing (or just eat cake).

‘I loved playing at the Albany Theatre in Deptford and I really enjoyed playing at the Blythe Hill Fields Festival.


What do you have planned for the rest of 2020?

‘I want to keep performing, writing, and hopefully recording more songs. And I’m looking forward to playing at Wilton’s Music Hall on 14 May 2020.’

Why do you think Lewisham deserves to be the London Borough of Culture?

‘We need to make the most of all the talent in Lewisham and show that this is an arty place. I think it’s time for the Festival of Lewisham’.

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